How Robertson County Voted in the 2022 Aug Election: What Candidates Won

Here are the details on how Robertson County voted during the Election of August 2022. You can also read about Ballot Measures and Cities in Robertson County. These results apply to all of the county and not only for cities which are being considered for the ballot. The article provides the non-official results. This article also lists the cities which were on the ballot along with the results on which they voted.

Unofficial election results

You can check unofficial results when you reside located in Robertson County Tennessee. Associated Press is reporting that District Attorney candidate Robert Nash, won by the margin of 131 votes. The edge was higher in Montgomery County, where the vote turnout was at 32 per cent. Nash expressed his gratitude to his wife, law firm partners and numerous familiar acquaintances on winning.

The Democratic nomination came to Emily Dievendorf, who defeated Jon Horford. Mike Detmer was defeated by Lana L. Theis in Theis’s Republican race. In the 28th District of the county, Democratic state rep. Sam Singh will face Republican newcomer Daylen Howard. County’s results, which aren’t official, are available on county websites and can be viewed live on the official election website.

Measures of the ballot

If you’re interested in knowing the results of how Robertson County voted in the 2022 election for the state There are many ways to learn the outcome. the county seat of Robertson is Mount Olivet, and there are links to county government as well as district schools. Additionally, it is possible to determine if the item in your ballot is onto the Robertson County ballot. Ballotpedia obviously doesn’t include Robertson County, but it will give you an idea of what you can anticipate.

Cities of Robertson County

It is possible to find out how Robertson County cities voted during the election of 2052 using the links listed below. Find information on school, court and measure. Robertson County is located in east central Texas. Robertson County is part of the College Station-Bryan TX Metropolitan Statistical Area. The southeastern border of the county is State Highway OSR. The state, however, is not permitted to enter the county.

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This article is contributed by Guestomatic.

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