The challenges of restoring Beirut’s historic buildings

A couple of years ago, Beirut was hit by an incredibly destructive port explosion. Initial reports suggested the fire that erupted in a store that sold firecrackers was the cause of the explosion. The facility was situated just close to Beirut’s entertainment and shopping districts. Before the blast took place it was undergoing maintenance on the warehouse’s door. It was however impossible to establish the cause of the explosion at the time of the incident.

UNESCO Li Beirut

In the midst of a struggle for reconstruction, UNESCO’s Li Beirut program is mobilizing all of the world’s community to save the city’s cultural heritage. It is seeking to fund half a billion dollars for reconstruction and protection of cultural assets in the area. The foundation will be holding an annual donor meeting in September , which will help to raise funds. At the conference, Beirut’s mayor of Beirut will offer solemn vows to stay clear of property speculation and deals that profit from the vulnerable nature of residents.

Some private museums, such that of Robert Mouawad Personal Museum and the Villa Audi Mosaic Museum have been shut down permanently. Although the National Museum suffered most of the loss, the exhibitions and artifacts were not damaged. However, the American University of Beirut, on the other hand suffered the loss of a display of old glass artifacts. On the Facebook page of the museum they posted videos about the lifting and salvaging process. The Blue Shield volunteers Blue Shield helped clean up the artifacts that were damaged.

Lebanese Red Cross

In the aftermath of the devastating blast, the Lebanese Red Cross has been giving free help to the city’s poorest inhabitants. From emergency services and blood transfusions to basic health care The Red Cross has been providing assistance to over 28,000 people. Since the beginning it has been the LRC has been providing independent humanitarian aid for more than 75 years. It’s committed in providing aid to all that require it regardless of gender, race, or religion.

The country’s economic condition has been in decline since the middle of in the previous year. The nation was in the process of going into lockdown in order to stop the spread of the virus. Cultural heritage in the country is an incredible treasure of culture and history, and the destruction of its port only exacerbated the issues.


Two years following the Port Explosion The Mission to Rescue Beirut’s Cultural and Architectural Heritage began as a way to get financing for a cultural programme. Furthermore, the organisation funded four projects that helped stabilize damage to buildings. This included the installation of temporary roof coverings and the shoring of forty historic constructions, including residences and patrician villas. There are also two palaces that date back to the past, as well as the former train station.

According to several reports, the explosion may be the result of the presence of a fire inside a storage facility with explosives. The warehouse is situated just minutes away from the heart of Beirut’s nightlife and shopping district. Warehouse 12 was the location of maintenance for the warehouse before the explosion. This failure to comply with regulations and restore heritage properties is most likely to be attributable to the state.


UNESCO is a partner of the Directorate General of Antiquities, safeguarding the built heritage and has also focused its attention on the artistic industries. Port Explosion resulted in 800 arts and cultural businesses going under, with half of these closing down. A lot of them aren’t thinking about resuming their activities as Lebanon recovers from the explosion. The mission is aimed at making sure that those businesses.

A group of museums from around the world is coordinating cultural first aid in Beirut’s ruined institutions. 27 signatories, including UNESCO and the World Monuments Fund signed a note of support on the 11th of August. They promised to aid in Beirut’s full rehabilitation. The efforts of the mission are making a difference.

This content is contributed by Guestomatic

This article is contributed by Guestomatic.

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